Windows 10 RS5 Pro Lite Edition v8 Pre-Activated 2019

Windows 10 RS

Windows 10 Lite Edition is a lightweight version of Windows 10 for gamers, professional users, and system administrators who do not deal with unnecessary Windows components. In this Windows, all default Windows applications, such as Cortina, Edge, Windows Defender, music player, unneeded tasks and many other parts are eliminated and you are faced with a lightweight operating system.

This windows is installed less time-consuming due to less volume relative to the original version of Windows 10, and the removal and deactivation of unnecessary sections by scripts and Windows terminal commands is done automatically.

Features of Windows 10 Lite:

In some versions of Windows 10 Lite Edition, the settings are displayed to the user at the same final stages of installation in a separate page called Get Getting Fast, which allows the user to delete the different parts as a list, and in some versions, This screen will not be displayed and the unnecessary Windows programs will be uninstalled by default. Note that Windows wants to update itself during the installation process. If you do not like to upgrade, plug the modem cable (or turn off the modem completely) to encounter network error.

In this mode, you can go to the next step by pressing the Skip button. Remember to deactivate the Windows Update service as soon as you log in, so the update does not work automatically. For people who like to search at the moment of the Start menu, we recommend that you do not delete the Cortina to disable this feature. If the Curtain is removed automatically, you can find ways to install it by searching the Internet. It’s also worth noting that with the removal of Edge, the old version of Internet Explorer IE 11 still remains.

How to Install?

You have to burn the ISO file to DVD or USB and then install Windows.


Windows 10 RS5 Lite Edition v8 (x64) Pre-Activated.rar

Windows 10 RS5 Lite Edition v8 (X86) Pre-Activated 2019.rar