Top NFL Games

From preseason games right up to the Super Bowl, it’s always an excellent time to immerse yourself in American football. Fortunately, there are plenty of entertaining options for mobile users. Whether you want to check the NFL week 7 odds, rearrange your fantasy team, or get a virtual game going, there are plenty of apps for you.


While all the action happens around the weekend, you can extend the fun all week with NFL news, game simulators, and fantasy leagues. Even when the season is over, you can enjoy playing against other fans and honing your skills. If that sounds like music to your ears, let’s check out the top mobile apps for NFL fans.

If you’re looking to stay up to date on all things NFL, then the official league app is the ideal place to start. It includes many features, including news about players and teams. Plus, you can see commentary about each week’s games and predictions for upcoming ones.


The site is packed full of highlight videos, which is a useful way to catch up on the top plays or if you want to relive the best moments from the weekend. For those with an NFL+ subscription, it also gives access to those extra features, such as seeing preseason games. 

  • Madden NFL 22

When you want to get on the field (virtually, of course), there’s an app that will have you scoring your own touchdowns in no time. Madden simulates the NFL league and games, allowing you to see the QB perspective, set the roster, and choose the plays.


The game delivers the highs and lows of wins and losses. You can work on your strategy, create formations, decide whether to run or throw the ball, and trade players to get the best team possible.

  • NFL Fantasy Football

Playing and watching the NFL aren’t the only ways to enjoy the sport. Fantasy leagues give you the chance to put together a team of real players from the league and compete against your friends or other fans online. 


Knowing who to play and who to bench is a particular skill, as is taking part in the draft to build the ultimate lineup. Anyone who loves to pay attention to player stats and wants to follow games with an extra edge of investment will appreciate a fantasy app.

  • BIG WIN Football

For a free play app that’s popular but not mainstream, check out BIG WIN Football. The animations are fun and the gameplay is engaging. With this app, you’re acting as general manager, putting together a team and trying to get the best performances across the season.


You get matchups against other players of similar abilities and can watch the simulations play out. While it might not be as realistic as an NFL game, it’s undoubtedly a fun way to compete and pass the time.

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