StartIsBack++ v2.8.5 + Crack [Latest 2019]



The menu is very good and interesting. There may be users around the world who are not happy with the Windows Start menu and find it hard to know, well, this software is the solution to these problems. In addition to adding a lot of features to the Windows Start menu, it makes the menu more beautiful and more enjoyable and makes the user feel satisfied with the start menu.

With StartIsBack++ Crack, you can also customize the Start menu. This software takes up very little of your system’s CPU, but instead, it offers many applications that you can download by downloading it.

StartIsBack crack

StartIsBack Crack fully integrates with Windows and provides original Windows 7 start menu and taskbar experience, enhanced with many new features as well.

StartIsBack++ crack for Windows 10 can:

  • Apply skins to the taskbar
  • Replace taskbar jump lists (context menus) with better ones
  • Fine-tune taskbar color
  • Add taskbar translucency with blur
  • Restore larger taskbar icons
  • Reduce OS resource usage

It looks totally awesome with the new style, round user avatar, and modern glyph icons.

Also, it opens 100% of the time and always finds what you want to find – sorry, Windows 10 gimmick!


  • Start menu customization
  • Start menu healing and make it beautiful
  • Adding features such as displaying new software and games installed
  • Very small and convenient volume
  • Apply new skins to the taskbar

Required System 

3.0 MB