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Spotify Premium APK 2020

Spotify is a music streaming platform available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Spotify Premium Music was officially released on 23, April 2006 after doing some testing with Spotify APK beta versions in 2005 by founders Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon.

Spotify Premium mod apk
Spotify Mod Apk – Latest

The first official versions were released for Windows OS and macOS users. After two years of the official release, the founders released Spotify Premium APK for android users in 2008.

Currently, Spotify Primary headquarter is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and All the updates and changes to Spotify are operated by developers from headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. And Spotify also has another Secondary headquarters which is relocated from New York City offices to 4 World Trade Center, New York.

Spotify is one of the most powerful and favorite music streaming app used by millions of users around the globe. Currently, the number of Spotify users is estimated to be more than 286 million. And Spotify hosts more than 50 million tracks in HD quality from a variety of music genres. Music for the workout, sports, romance, gaming, motivation, deep focus, meditation, and sleeping, Spotify has all you need.

App NameSpotify: Music & podcasts App
DevelopersSpotify Ltd.
RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and Higher
Latest Mod Versionv8.5.71.723
Modded APK TittleSpotify Premium Mod Apk
Installs (Google Play)500+ Million
Average Rating4.5 / 5.0
Download / UploadRar / UserUpload
Developers LinkVisit website
Mod APK  ProviderAPKGOD

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify Music Streaming has two different versions one is simply called Spotify Free APK and another one is Spotify Premium APK. It is just another version of the same app with some extra features and benefits.

Spotify Premium cracked apk
Spotify Premium APK

The Spotify Premium APK is divided into multiple miscellaneous versions which have their own features and benefits. These miscellaneous versions are known as Spotify mod apk and Spotify cracked apk.

Spotify Premium APK updates very frequently, the updates are released once in a week with improved UI design and fixed minor and major bugs. You should always keep your Spotify Premium APK up to update. So, you can experience better music streaming and newly added features in the app.

You can always check our website once a week for Spotify’s latest version. We update each new version of Spotify as soon as possible. Before updating to the latest version, We always make sure that the new latest version is working 100% and doesn’t have any kind of crashing issue.

Now, with this topic covered, let’s check out Spotify Premium APK features and benefits.

Features of Spotify Premium APK

Unlimited Search

After doing the comparison with both versions of Spotify free apk and Spotify premium apk. It has been discovered that premium users can do unlimited searches with their Spotify. On another side, the users who were running Spotify Free APK started getting “wait time” because the free version has a limit of 10 searches in every five minutes. With the Unlimited Search feature, you can search as many songs, artists, albums, and playlists you want to search and you can save your search log.

Tip: Save your search log to get the best and newly released songs and old songs in your suggestion tab.

Ad-Free (No Ads)

This is the most favorite feature of Music listeners who use Spotify ad-free apk as their music buddy. The Free Version is loaded with lots of Ads such as YouTube Video Ads, Google Adsense Ads, and Upcoming movies Ads, etc.

If you use the Spotify Ad-Free Apk you will not see any kind of Ads. Interruption free streaming and you can just keep going on and on with your favorite playlists and artists.

Unlimited skips

Available for Premium users only able to have unlimited skips means you can break through any playlists and artists without listening to any song that you found better. This feature also saves your Mobile Data from songs that are not in your playlist. So from now next time use the Unlimited Skips feature to save your data and to keep your playlist clean.

High-Quality Audio

This feature is only available for Spotify Mod Apk users, Spotify offers high-quality audio for users who love music and users who use speakers or headphones of the best quality. Each drop of HD Music and peace mind, only possible with Spotify premium mode.

You can change the audio quality in 3 different options low, normal, and HD. Low means your audio will be compressed in the MP3 file between 128kbps to 320kbps. Normal means your audio will be much higher than MP3 and the Audio file will be uncompressed. HD means the music quality will be greater than the 44.1 kHz sample rate or higher than the 16-bit audio bit in depth. These HD audios are as pure as the quality you listen to your Music on retail music DVDs or CDs.

Unlimited Shuffle Play and Repeat

Shuffle: Once you will click on Shuffle your playlist will start in random order and with these random orders your playlist will be in the loop with the following order. Unless you Shuffle your playlist again.


Play a song and press the repeat icon in Spotify Music Premium Player and now your song shall play in a loop unless you break the loop.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk gives users the ability to unlimited shuffles and repeat.

Offline Music and Downloads

Another great feature after HD music audio and unlimited shuffles and repeats. This feature allows you to download songs in your device’s local storage. You can download your songs in different qualities from low to high and play them offline.

Also, you can download up to one thousand songs on your device. Keeping some songs stored in your device memory can be useful whenever you are out of the network coverage area or you wanna save some device data.

spotify premium apk mod 2020
Spotify Premium APK Mod 2020

What is Spotify Mod APK?

Many times you have used google to find a Spotify mod apk, but yet you don’t know what Spotify mod apk is? Then let me tell you one thing about it, the Spotify mod apk is just another upgraded version of Spotify premium apk which has some extra added features in it.

As similar as premium but with some newly added features and benefits. This version of Spotify is also known as Spotify Modded Apk.

Spotify Mod APK Features

All features of premium are available, but it has something more unique to offer you. Here we will break down features of mod apk and why these features are different from premium?


Changing Spotify themes is only possible in the Spotify mod version. There are up to 7 different themes in this version and these themes are:

  1. White Mellon
  2. Pink Energy
  3. Pit Viper (green theme)
  4. Purple Highway
  5. RGB
  6. Night Lights
  7. Christmas

Lyrics Reference Mode

While playing your favorite music on Spotify mod apk you can enable this feature by sliding cover upwards. With Lyrics Reference Mode, you can understand the meaning of lyrics with multiple references. All references for each lyric are verified by artists and Genius.

Super Saver Mode – For Battery & Data

After themes and Lyrics Reference Mode this is another great feature of this version. The feature was recently added to Spotify mod apk on 25th April 2020. With Super Saver Mode you can reduce the battery usage of the device and this feature also saves some data.

Super Saver Mode works with a drop-down mechanism available in all android devices. Whenever Super Saver Mode is enabled, Spotify runs in the background and you can just pause/play and change your music. Search, Lyrics Reference Mode, and RGB themes are disabled to reduce power usage.

Music Heads

After the release of chat, heads feature from Facebook on the messenger app. The developers added a very similar feature to Spotify Music, it was just an inspiration from messenger for Spotify developers.

Music Heads allows you to access Spotify from any screen on your Android device by just tapping the floating icon of Spotify. To open and close the Spotify just tap the icon. This feature is very handy while you are chatting, reading, or browsing any other app.

Difference between Premium and Modded APK

It is difficult to differentiate between Spotify Mod and Spotify premium because both are very similar in design. But, there are some major and minor differences that you might don’t know yet. I have created the table showing the difference between the Premium Version and Modded Version. After reading the table it will be easier for you to define whether you have premium or mod apk.

Premium VersionModded Version
APK Size is between 50-75 MBAPK Size can be 40 MB or lesser (Mod Lite)
Themes are not supported7 different themes are supported
Genius or Musixmatch is needed to read lyricsIn-built Lyrics reader also is known as Lyrics Reference Mode
Required Android Honeycomb 3.0 or HigherRequired Android Lollipop 5.0 or Higher
Only Final Versions are releasedBoth beta and final versions are released
Audio Ads are blocked (Ad-Free) Both Ads and tracking is blocked
Up to 1000 songs download limitUnlimited songs can be downloaded
Only guest login worksAll types of logins work
Spotify Premium APK is UnlockedSpotify Modded APK is Unlocked
Works on Android TVDoesn’t work on Android TV

What is Spotify Cracked APK?

We have learned about premium and modded versions, As I’ve mentioned earlier in this article about miscellaneous versions. Spotify Cracked APK is a miscellaneous version based on premium. This version has only one feature from the premium that it doesn’t contain advertisement which we found in the free version while streaming. So, Spotify Cracked APK is simply a lite version based on premium apk and this version is also known as Spotify Patched APK.

Earlier when Spotify was new in the market, only this version was available for users to download. Later other versions gained much popularity, therefore, Cracked Apk became less popular then premium and modded APKs.

Always, keep the few things in your mind before downloading Spotify Premium APK from any website, you should check the website reputation and reviews whether they are completely secure and trusted or not because sometimes users download Spotify APK from any random source which later can result in damage to your device because sometimes few modders replace or add malware files in APK before compiling the APK. Thus, many Spotify APKs don’t work well enough, crashes, and causing problems in your device.

From ApkGod, you get all APKs in working conditions and we test all APKs before posting them for public use.

Stay with this page and keep reading this article word-to-word and, I will show you how to download 100% Working Spotify Premium APK and How to do a clean install in your android device.

How to use Spotify Premium or Modded Apk?

Follow all steps below to download and install the premium, modded, or Spotify cracked apk.

How to Download?

  1. Scroll down into download section
  2. Now, select the link and open it in the new tab to download APK. I prefer, you can choose any link whichever you want
  3. Tap on download button
  4. Allow your browser to save the file in SD Card or device storage.

How to Install?

  1. Make sure to install third-party apps option is enabled.
  2. Once APK is downloaded click open
  3. Proceed for Installation, Click Install
  4. If you see a message regarding – unknown source, allow your device to install APKs from an unknown source
  5. Once, Spotify Premium Mod Apk is Installed
  6. Create a new account and login to Spotify
  7. Enjoy, Listening to your favorite Artists, Albums, and Songs.

Note: Don’t log in with your own personal account create a secondary account for login purpose. If you will log in with your personal account and get banned all your data and saved playlists will be gone forever with no chance of recovery.

If you can’t access Spotify?

In case you find you can’t access Spotify on your device chances are that your country is not supported by Spotify yet. In that case use Hotspot Shield VPN Apk, to connect to US server and login using your account and after that, you should be able to use it even without VPN.

Premium Cracked Features:

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod
  • Visual ads blocked
  • Audio ads blocked
  • Seeking enabled
  • Unlimited shuffle
  • Choose any song
  • Extreme audio unlocked
  • Repeats enabled

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Spotify Premium v8.5.71.723 MOD APK [Free Download]