Screen Lock Pro v5.0.5p_ap Mod APK [Latest]

Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Screen Lock Pro, app for Android™ with screen off animation. It allows you to screen off and lock the device. Easy to use and saves power button usage.

Animation speed is adjusted with “transition animation scale” and “animator duration scale” as set in your device. If you set it to .5x, screen off animation becomes faster, if you increase it, animations become slower. Our advice, use 1x for best screen off experience. Note that, on some devices the change take affect after locking and unlocking.With the latest version (v2.0p) of Screen Lock Pro we have introduced support for “Smart Lock” feature specially for “Lollipop”. This feature is experimental and RnD is still on. We are working hard to make it better.


  • One touch lock.
  • More icons to select for widget and shortcuts.
  • Screen off animation.
  • Animation speed adjustment.
  • Wake-up device without power button.
  • Support for “Smart Lock”, “Nexus Imprint”, “Fingerprint sensor” and “IRIS scanner.
  • Change icon for widget and new shortcut.
  • Rename the shortcut as you like.
  • Animation while Screen off and lock.
  • Vibrate upon lock and vibration strength adjustment.
  • Lock and unlock sound, with volume adjustment.
  • Lock sound play on animation start.
  • Power Toggles plugin.

Mod Info:

  • Patched


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