Loopsie – Pixeloop Video Effect v3.0.10 Pro Unlocked APK [Latest]

Requirements: 5.1+
Overview: Shot stunning living photos and beautiful loop video effects!

Loopsie is the best app that lets you shoot stunning living photos in motion on the go.
No tripod or professional tools needed. Just a bit of creativity and your photos will come to life with a stunning cinematography effect!

With Loopsie you can create original video motions effects that you can not create with Enlight Pixaloop or similar apps that use images as the source.


  • Stunning video effects in motion and stills
    Our living effects make your videos unique and let your content stand out from the others. Welcome our new breathtaking video loops.
  • Integrated Video Camera
    Loopsie has a powerful integrated video camera that let you shot your video in full HD resolution (beta)
  • Easy video editor
    The video editing is straight simple. Everyone can create beautiful contents.
  • Stabilization Algorithm
    Loopsie removes shaking hands effects on your videos.
 From unwanted motion to stills! Thanks to the top-notch stabilization algorithm you can leave your tripod at home!
  • Full HD videos
    No blurred or low definitions of videos. Loopsie fully supports Full HD.
  • User-friendly UI
    You don’t need to be a geek or a post-production or video making, expert.
    Taking a Loopsie is as easy as taking a selfie!
  • Loop effects
    Choose if you want your video to have a bounce or a repeat loop.
  • Share it easy
    Social ready video output resolutions.
  • Aspect Ratios
    You can choose between all the most common aspect ratios.


  1. How does it work?
    To obtain this video effect a part of the video is kept still, while another part plays in loop.
  2. How can I select the moving and the still part?
    With #loopsie you just have to drag your finger over the video.
    There are two brush mode (motion/stills) that you can select.
  3. How can I shot a good video setup?
    #loopsie usually works in every setup, but there are some good common videos scenarios that you can exploit to create some beautiful videos.
    Some of these videos scenarios are waterfalls, water flows, fires, seas, moving backgrounds.
  4. What are the differences between Pixaloop App and Loopsie App
    While Pixaloop creates living photos starting from still images, Loopsie starts from videos.
  5. Are you affiliated/connected to Flixel Photos Inc. AKA Flixel? Are you the maker of Cinemagraph (TM) / Cinemagraphs?
    No, Loopsie is in no way affiliated or connected with Flixel Inc. (TM).
    Cinemagraph (TM) is a trademark owned by Flixel Inc.
  6. What can I do to prevent weird video effects?
    The video stabilization algorithm, the autofocus, the high-quality encoding, and the new camera2 API should automatically prevent glitches and weird video effects. However, it’s important that you stay as still as possible while taking the video.



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