Life on Earth MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) Latest 2021

Life on Earth MOD APK – Overview

Life on Earth MOD APK” is not just a normal game of idleness, but also a professional educational game about life by evolution. You will not only experience simple and funny evolutionary games but also learn about the mysterious ancient creatures and human cultures.

Story background —
Life has changed for four billion years. Since the birth of humans, only one million years have passed. We can only take a few minutes on the timeline for the emergence of life. In the struggle against nature, these great prehistoric creatures moved from sea to land, from the lowest to the highest, and on Earth – our common home, painted a colorful and glowing history!

He is a scientist in the paleontology laboratory. With the help of your robotic assistant, you can learn the history of paleontology, draw a blueprint for life, and unlock the mysteries of life.

● Unusual action game
This is an unusual action game. You can enjoy the real joy of the game in a little time and effort!

● Popular science education
In Life On Earth, there is a great deal of ancient craftsmanship, you can learn new places you never knew before, and experience the magnitude of the evolution of life!

● Biodiversity restoration
Bringing back various species of ancient creatures, showing their ways of life and habits, such as contact with ancient creatures face to face! Life experiences change from characters to fish, dinosaurs, and humans.

● Manufacturing technology
Improve mental machine technology, and technological capabilities, to reverse the process of evolution and slow down the evolutionary process.

● Mysteries of the World
Improve evolutionary technology, accelerate the emergence of Paleontology, draw up the evolution of life, and unlock the mysteries of life.

Members of the Life On Earth group are fond of ancient creatures. To make this game, we have searched many book items. If you are interested in evolution, download Life On Earth to join us now! We can discuss and explore the mysteries of ancient creatures and human history together!

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