King Calculator v2.2.3 Premium MOD [Latest]

Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: King Calculator is the best Android calcultor! Used by schools in the United States use it as a learning tool as a part of the ‘Google in Education’ program.

Free, easy to use, intuitive and functional, using fractions is easy!

Our flexible display allows easy input of numbers, functions, operators and percentage calculations.

Using fractions is easy, you can change the cursor position and edit the input with no effort.
Color highlighting will make the math expression readable/editable.
If you want to double the display size, you can do it in a click, at any point.
Supporting all screen sizes, the app is compatible with any phone or tablet.

Switch between the scientific calculator layout and the simple layout by rotating your device.
The calculator draw graphs, support big numbers and use memory variables. All of those can be an integral part the expression you input.


  • Percentage calculations.
  • Memory variables.
  • Big numbers support.
  • Ans button, that saves the last result for the following expression.
  • Calculations history.
  • Equations editor.
  • Memory/percentage operations (M+ / M- / MRC buttons).
  • Trigonometry functions ( Sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arcosine, arctan, hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic tangent).
  • Exponents, you can raise a number to any power.
  • Squared root and cubed root.
  • Factorial and modulo operations.
  • Logarithmic functions.

MOD Info:

  • Premium features unlocked;
  • Ads Removed;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • All ads and services calls from Activity removed;
  • Mod Offline;
  • Analytics disabled.


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