This article focuses on explaining about how to download files from apkgod.

How to Download Files?

Step 1: Scroll below till the end of the post and you will find download section there, which include download links (LinkASM, or some other). Now choose what you wanted to download if options are given like Mod, Mod Lite, Crack only, etc click on linkASM URL and follow step 2.

In-site download links

Step 2: Once, linkASM is opened wait and skip ads

Skipping linkASM Ads

Step 3: Choose the version and other things based on your device (If given).

Step 4: Now you will be at the original download site, follow the next set of instructions to learn to download.

How to download files from FileHosts (

In order to download your file, you need to ignore/close all pop ads and other ads. Now, follow the steps provided in the form of screenshots.

Part 1:

DoUploads first phase

Part 2:

DoUploads second and final phase

Note: Almost of other file-hosts also support the same way to download these files. Figure out yourself and enjoy downloads!

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