Deezer Music Premium V6.2.19.20 Cracked APK + Mod Lite [Latest Download]

Deezer Music Premium + Mod

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Deezer Music Premium Apk is a free music streaming and podcast app with 53 million tracks, and all the latest charts, hits, and albums updated daily. Dive into a world of sound, and explore top songs by genre and mood. Or use Flow’s personalized recommendations to discover and play new music you’ll love.

Want more? Upgrade to Deezer Premium Mod Apk, and enjoy an unlimited music downloader with no ads, no skip limits, and Offline Mode – so you can download your favorite tracks and listen to them anywhere.

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Enjoy best-in-class features:

  • Music streaming app with all the global hits and best podcasts
  • 53 million tracks to discover and listen to
  • Get personalized recommendations and discover more with Flow
  • Listen to any playlist you want or create your own
  • Add the tracks you love to your music collection in a single tap with Favourites
  • Organise your new music by artist or genre
  • Share your personal playlists and favorite tracks with others
  • Discover podcasts, radio stations, and audio channels

Deezer in FREE Mode:

  • Listen to FLOW and discover new favorites
  • Enjoy all your MIXES, no limits
  • PLAYLISTS based on your taste
  • Search for an artist and launch their mix
  • Create as many playlists as you like
  • New! Get the lyrics to your favorite songs.
    Yep, you heard right. It’s all for FREE!

By downloading the Deezer app, you get 15 days of Deezer Music Premium+ free of charge

  • No ads
  • Enhanced audio quality (320 kbps)
  • Sync your tracks to listen offline
  • Skip as many radio tracks as you like.

Subscribe to Premium+ to enjoy these additional benefits!

Nominated for Best Music Service Provider at the 2013 ME Awards.

Stream any song, album, artist, and genre

Explore the entire Deezer music player and streaming service music catalogue and browse through 53 million tracks you can sort by artist, album, song or music genre. Search and listen to the latest hits, old songs or the audio track only you know about.

Create unlimited music to suit your mood

Listen to playlists curated and updated by our Editors, play mixes inspired by your favorite artists and streams, or create your own. Easily organize your favorite tracks or newly added music, artists, top albums, music genres, and top tracks. Keep all of your music in one place and take it wherever you go to to add some rhythm to your day, online or offline. Find the perfect music for a dinner party, a road trip or working out, and pick from all the music you might want to build your life’s soundtrack. Whatever your mood, the Deezer music service has the track for it!

Flow – your customized soundtrack

Tell Flow what you like, and it will create the perfect mix for you based on your tastes, helping you discover new tracks and artists along the way. Just press play, and enjoy a non-stop mix with all the songs you love – plus your next favorites.

Sing along to your favorite tunes

Keep up with the music and the most popular artists like Adele, Ed Sheeran, and Beyoncé. Enjoy on-screen lyrics in our music player for new songs, from rap to pop to rock and everything in between.

Ultimate streaming capabilities

Discover endless channels and every kind of music genre. Stream songs on the radio or audio channels, and access your personal favorites such as Indie, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Blues and more. Choose a Channel to see a matching collection of playlists, artists, radio stations, new releases, and Editor picks and discover every music option available out there!

MOD Features Info:

  • Visual ads blocked
  • Audio ads blocked
  • Song skipping enabled
  • Seeking feature unlocked
  • Song Selection in mix menu feature unlocked
  • Unlimited shuffle feature unlocked
  • Download any song feature unlocked
  • Choose any song feature unlocked
  • Add to Queue features unlocked
  • Play Next feature unlocked
  • Audio quality switches – Lossless audio (high fidelity) unlocked
  • Repeats feature unlocked
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services
  • Analytics / Crashlytics are disabled.

Note: If Facing Ads, Use Adguard Premium.

What’s New:
▷ [Player] added “sleep timer” function, available directly from the player (UP-5597, UP-5764, UP-5872)
▷ [Settings] updated, reorganized and reordered custom settings (transform-539)
▷ [Settings] removed app restart button on display settings for changes are applied immediately now when the function is enabled / disabled (UP-5784)

Bug fixes:
▷ [Announcements] added label missing ‘sponsored by the track in the queue list when needed (ADS-960)
▷ [ADS] made sure we clear regular free accounts after logout so that new account only gets sound ads if they connect right after (ADS-1256)
▷ [CAST] fixed player layout and app state when reaching end of queue list during casting (PPS-3514)
▷ [CAST] make sure the podcast name is displayed at the top of the full screen player when casting one of its episodes (PPS-3556)
▷ [CAST] ensured correct restoration of podcast playback in Deezer app player when disconnected from cast receiver (PPS-3561)
▷ [CAST] prevented the ability to search for premium accounts in the queue list launched by the free account and prevented the progress bar from getting stuck when trying to do so (PPS-3580)
▷ [CAST] added context to SmartTrackList container type to keep functionality consistent when casting sender (specifically for free users to experience MOD on SmartTrackLists) (PPS-2835)
▷ [CAST] fixed the state of the play button and the play position (in the progress bar) on the sender after connecting to the cast receiver (PPS-3581)
▷ [GDPR] updated consent screen to fit small devices (ADS-1455)
▷ [Login / Register] make sure the keyboard is hidden in the login form in landscape mode when the Done button is pressed (even if it is not enabled) so that users can see the displayed errors (NME-1455)

▷ [Login / Register] when linking a Google account to Deezer, prevented the Google error message from always returning after it happened once (i.e. cleared the default Google account when the first connection failed) (NME -1461)

▷ [Search] make sure the search is correct when using / search deeplink when the app is not open in the Search tab (or even closed) (UP-5562

★★★ MOD ★★★
• Premium features are open
• Removed visual and audio ads
• Disabled analytics
• Multi languages

This app has no advertisements

n this era, probably no one is not listening to music. This entertainment industry has grown to the point where you never know all the songs being released these days. Everyone has their own hobby, and these genres are constantly releasing new songs. You need a tool to listen to and discover music most conveniently. Deezer Music Player meets a lot of needs of users at the moment. You can enjoy music with a completely free application.

Deezer Music Player (MOD, Premium)

Fifty-six million tracks, playlists, and podcasts

Deezer Music Player is a hugely popular application, so it owns almost all the music that is appearing in the world. Basically, it also connects to Google, but the way Deezer recommend music for you is completely different. They use a new kind of engine to keep track of your listening progress and make the best recommendations. Opening the app has its own way of shaping the music, so it creates a variety of user experiences around the world. Deezer focuses on giving Android users the songs they love, then helping them discover things they might love.

Deezer Music Player (MOD, Premium)

Music in this app will be updated regularly. Users can freely search everything they know into the search bar of this application. It will immediately give you the answer. The newest, hottest tracks will be immediately updated as quickly as possible. Even with the trend of listening to modern music, Deezer also leads to streaming all of the global hits.

Shuffle Mode – A Way for You to Discover New Music Materials

When you get tired of listening to music you are so familiar with over and over, Deezer Music Player can help. With Shuffle Mode, listeners just need to turn it on. The songs with the same interest as the music you are listening to will be proposed and played randomly. Suppose you love it, then congratulations. And if you don’t like it, just click next. Lesser-heard tracks will quickly be pushed to the edge of the playlist, and you’ll rarely see them again while you enjoy them. Flow mode is one way in which the application increases its reliability. It will collect data on the music you have heard once. Then everything will be started to analyze and give you the best songs. In general, the more you use this app, the more personalized it gets.

Deezer Music Player (MOD, Premium)

In addition to the automatic stages, you can also add your own playlist. It will definitely be a place where you store all the songs you love the most. These songs will be left there with the always-ready state, just need to log in to be able to comfortably enjoy the music you love. Furthermore, if you think your playlist will be useful for someone, just share it on the community. Those who share the same Deezer Music Player will see your playlist. If you allow it, they can use it for free.

Deezer Music Player (MOD, Premium)

Deezer Family is a place where people share interests

This is a new feature of this app when it comes to helping family members connect with each other. Maybe your music interests and your parents don’t have anything in common. That’s just you imagining it. When everyone enjoys the same music together, it will automatically create a database. Based on the power of the application, it will give recommendations that everyone will love. With just one account, six people can create six separate profiles for each new phone person using this application. High synchronization will help a lot when you want to share your music with family members.

Deezer Music Player (MOD, Premium)

In the most updated version, once you have access to the Deezer Family, it will quickly navigate to your profile. The speed will be increased to the maximum so that you do not have to spend any more time. In addition, there is also a little update on the search bar. A button next to Recent searches will allow you to clear out your search history. Before you wanted to delete it, you had to execute it separately, which was really time-consuming. This small update will save you a lot of steps.

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