Clip Studio Paint Apk v1.9.14 Free Download [Latest Updated!]

Clip Studio Paint Apk v1.9.14 Free Download [Latest Updated!]


Requirements: 9.0+ | arm64 devices only
Overview: Clip Studio Paint is a drawing app for creating illustrations, comics, and animation


It has been used by more than 8 million creators all over the world. Artists of all levels use Clip Studio Paint for its natural and smooth drawing experience, from digital art beginners to professional comic artists, illustrators, animators, and designers, as well as universities and vocational schools.

Beautiful, professional lines
You can adjust the pen pressure and stabilization settings to draw smooth, natural lines just as you intend. The app comes with a range of preset brushes such as pencils, G pens, watercolors and oils, or you can customize and make your own original brushes. Using vector layers, you can easily adjust your lines after drawing.

Smooth drawing with Galaxy
Artists can use gestures with the S Pen to quick access tools and quickly switch between tools while drawing. You can customize the Air Action settings to assign S Pen gestures to your favorite tools.

More than 60,000 materials
Clip Studio Assets offer more than 60,000 materials such as brushes, patterns, and 3D models. You can also upload and share your original materials.

Tools to realize your vision
The app comes with 3D dolls to use as drawing references. Choose preset poses, pose them manually, or even use photos taken with your Galaxy device as a base for the pose. You can also use AI-based automatic colorization and extract lines from photos in your camera roll, or convert photos into screentones.

Can be combined with Wacom Intuos pen tablet or Wacom One LCD tablet
If you don’t have an S Pen, you can connect your device with a Wacom Intuos pen tablet or Wacom One LCD tablet to use the app.

Save and access your data anywhere
You can sync your files to the cloud when saving. Work flexibly on your preferred devices, with the freedom to use your Android smartphone on the go and finish up on a PC or tablet at home or at work.

Supported devices: Galaxy series devices

• 3GB or more memory required, 6GB or more recommended
• 6 inches or larger display recommended

• 3GB or more memory required, 6GB or more recommended
• 10.4 inches or larger display recommended

Pressure-sensitive pens: Samsung S Pen

Pricing: Free for six months with the EX grade
After the free offer ends, the app can be used for one hour per day free of charge on smartphones.
On other devices, users can sign up for a monthly plan to continue using the app.

• Monthly plans
Single-device : One device (Galaxy/Windows/macOS/iPad)
Clip Studio Paint PRO $4.49/month
Clip Studio Paint EX $8.99/month

Dual-device plan : Up to two devices (Galaxy/Windows/macOS/iPad)
Clip Studio Paint PRO $7.49/month
Clip Studio Paint EX $12.49/month

Premium plan : Up to four devices (Galaxy/Windows/macOS/iPad/iPhone)
Clip Studio Paint PRO $8.99/month
Clip Studio Paint EX $14.99/month

Smartphone plan : One smartphone device (Galaxy/iPhone)
Clip Studio Paint PRO $0.99/month
Clip Studio Paint EX $2.49/month

The Smartphone plan is designed for devices that aren’t compatible with pressure-sensitive styluses such as S Pen.
To use pen sensitivity or connect to external tablets such as the Wacom One with Samsung DeX, any plan other than the Smartphone plan is required. With other plans, users can enjoy a drawing experience on the same level as drawing on a desktop PC or LCD tablet.

What’s New:
・After opening an image file, a save dialog box will now appear when you save after making edits to it, such as adding a layer.
・The OS navigation bar no longer appears on tablets, so you can can fully use screen space when drawing.
・[Undo], [Redo], [Cut], [Copy], and [Paste] commands have been added to the text launcher.
・File sharing a multi-page work cannot be done from the [Manage works] dialog in Clip Studio.
・Fixed the problem whereby clicking [Back] on the navigation bar after downloading materials from Clip Studio Assets closes Clip Studio Paint and causes the same materials to be downloaded repeatedly the next time the software was started.
・Fixed the problem whereby works imported via [File operation/Share] > [Import] were not shown under [Manage works] screen in Clip Studio when importing.
・Fixed the problem where an image file could not be loaded by dragging and dropping it into the Layers palette from other apps. Similarly, an issue where sub-tool files (extension: sut) or color sets (extension: cls) could not be loaded into their corresponding palettes has also been fixed.
・Fixed the problem whereby images that where rotated didn’t import as rotated in Clip Studio Paint via the Files app.

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