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Beat Blader 3D Pro Mod Apk – Overview

Beat Blader 3D was created and published by Beat Blader 3D. This is a game where you will make music for yourself by following the game instructions. Your job is to re-mix the world’s hottest songs with new colors, new and unique styles.

In fact, in 2018, a real game called Beat Saber rocked the gaming community at the time. Many streamers and proplayers have tried this game with winged recommendations. And by 2020, Beat Blader 3D has been released in the Beat Saber vision but on the platform. The latest Amanotes game promises to bring a lot of exciting experiences and great hit songs.

Your job in Beat Blader 3D is to control a character who runs on square blocks and away from obstacles by moving his finger on the screen. Your character will be armed with 2 swords that can cross blocks, but be harmless if you come across a spiked rock on the road.

Beat Blader 3D MOD Apk
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Beatplay for Beat Blader 3D
Beat Blader 3D can stop
Beat Blader 3D screenshot
So what is the use of cutting? This is the best part. When you start the game, you will play in the background music of an existing song, their songs will be played throughout the game screen, the blocks you are trying to cut are their beats. Each square is missed if the song is interrupted, it will only be complete if you hit it all. When you encounter an obstacle, the character loses consciousness and the game is over.

In addition, if you can hold the bits of beats continuously and not miss one of the two beats nearby, you will get a combo. If the combo is long, you get a lot of points, which determine the Top Point in your level. The combo is lost if you miss the rhythm and are recalculated from the beginning to the next rhythm.

Popular songs
Beat Blader 3D Music Store includes hundreds of songs from any genre. Initially, you will warm yourself up with the hottest song that once drove the world music crazy in 2019, “Tones Dance” by Tones and Me. The following is a series of world-famous products also brought to Beat Blader 3D by Luis Fonsi and Jankee’s “Despacito”, “Blurred” by Alan Walker or “Believer” by Imagine Dragons.

Besides, in addition to modern songs, Beat Blader 3D has many other genres such as Rock N Roll, R’n’B, Electro, Trap or old style songs such as Classic, Blue, Acoustic,… No music Beat Blader 3D cannot “dance”.

Another cool thing about Beat Blader 3D is that all of their music is mixed. This means that even if the music looks the same as the original, the mix is ​​completely different! So, no matter how often you listen to a song, you will always feel as happy and amazed as when you first heard it. There are 3 easy, intermediate, difficult levels to match the tracks in the game. Depending on the music, beat, and mix, the song will have different levels of difficulty.

Diamonds are money in Beat Blader 3D. You will find them after completing each level. However, a loss in the middle will not be rewarded with as many diamonds as the winner. Each level of play will have 3 playing levels corresponding to 3 tracks in the game, the number of diamonds given will be equal to the number of steps you complete.

How can you use a diamond? Beat Blader 3D does not allow you to play all the tracks from the beginning. Instead, you should use the diamonds you find to unlock them. Increasingly, the price becomes more expensive, requiring more skilled players and less patience.

Unlock ammunition and weapons
In Beat Blader 3D, the character is designed to look extremely stylish and personal. The main character has a swordsman-style dress with bright pink hair, on hand there are two bright laser swords, which rotate like a treadmill.

However, you can change them to make the game look new. The warehouse contains many weapons such as scissors, cats, war axes… Besides, the game has some attractive characters available in the store. Just use a small diamond or watch a few ad videos, you can own it. It’s that simple, isn’t it?

MOD APK version of Beat Blader 3D
How can you fix it when the MOD model crashes?
Please close and open this game again.

Unique options of Beat Blader 3D Pro MOD APK

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