Awesome Android apps to keep you occupied on the go

One of the greatest things about apps nowadays is the ability to have something to keep you occupied no matter where you are. If you’re one of the many people who commute daily or sit on a bus for several hours every day, this article might just be something for you.

Some people make their time efficient when they are sitting on a bus or a train. But when you have to do it every single day, the time can become quite repetitive. If you’re looking for something to do, rather than staring out of the window, you might find a mini-guide useful. Whether you have an interest in a real money online casino, or you have a creative side, there are many Android apps you will find relevant.

Learn a new language

When you have so much time to kill, why not get started on learning a new language? One of the most trending language apps at the moment is called ‘Duolingo’. Maybe it’s time to get to know Spanish, French, or one of the other many languages you can practice on this brilliant app.

Funny games

There are loads of gaming apps, which can be perfect for killing some time. You can try out the game called ‘Alto’s Adventure’ or ‘Slime Labs’. If you like games like Poker, Baccarat, and slots, there are a lot of options to play these games on casino apps. Some people find these apps exciting, but you still have to keep in mind it’s gambling, and you should therefore be careful and responsible.

Get organized

Even though it might not seem so appealing to spend your time after work planning your week, this will save you time later on. Check your calendar to start getting organized for the next day. You can use the app called ‘TickTick’ or ‘Todoist’.

For the creative soul

If you’re artsy and like to create masterpieces, you might want to consider getting ‘Adobe Illustrator Draw’. The famous program has so many great features not to miss out on. ‘Adobe Photoshop’ deserves a mention as well.

Come on, edit those photos from your last holiday

Did you take a lot of photos last time you were holidaying? Did you just leave them in the camera roll, even though you wanted to post some? Well, it might be time for that photo edit. Use apps like ‘Snapseed’ or ‘Adobe Lightroom.

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