Overview: File sync and backup Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, pCloud, …


Autosync is a default file synchronization tool. You choose which folder on your device should be synced and which folder is in your cloud storage account, and how. Autosync will store files in these two synced folders, automatically and without any further effort from the user.

Official cloud storage applications do not have the ability to sync automatically, or only at a very limited rate. Frequently downloaded photo uploads can suffice for easy image saving but not for storing photos on most synced devices. If you want automatic sync between your device and your cloud storage, you need this app.

Autosync can be configured to automatically share files between your devices, back up selected folders to your phone in your cloud storage, or back up copies of important document folders to your cloud storage and store them on your device for offline use. Here are a few examples of what you can accomplish with automatic file sync.

All file transfers and connections between user devices and cloud storage servers are encrypted securely and do not exceed our servers. Foreigners, including us, will not be able to encrypt and therefore see or modify any file content.

Supported end-to-end services and agreements:

• Google Drive
• OneDrive
• SharePoint Online
• Warehouse
• Box
• Nextcloud
• your own Cloud
• pCloud
• Yandex Disk
• WebDAV protocol
• LAN / SMB network networks

If your cloud storage is unlisted, please check that we offer access to the WebDAV protocol. WebDAV is well supported by many storage service vendors.

LAN / SMB network drives are supported by Windows / Mac / Linux computers and NAS devices. This application can sync with them through a local network.

This “Autosync Universal” app supports many cloud storage services in one app. Users using only one cloud storage can choose one of our one-cloud apps “Autosync for …”. They are small, have a few features but are simpler and easier to use than this overall app.

What’s new:
Added sync support

– FTP (including secure FTPS)
– SFTP (ssh / scp)

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