Auto Clicker Pro – Tapping 3.6.2 MOD APK [Latest 2021]

Auto Clicker Pro – Tapping MOD APK [Latest 2021]

Tapping Auto Clicker Pro MOD APK

Auto Clicker Pro – Tapping MOD – Overview

Auto Clicker Pro – Tapping MOD: Idle Clickers are games with simple and easy-to-use gameplay, where the only major action of the player is to tap as much as possible to complete the objective of the game. There are hundreds of Idle Clicker games that cause the players to play continuously, and it is also the games that are kept running whether the player is absent or not. But today, this post will introduce a useful app for click games, helping users to relax while efficiency increases hundreds of times. Notify, Tap – Auto Clicker, a powerful app to support Idle Clicker games, and can be used for many other purposes so that users can work better than tapping your finger.

“Touch” Auto Clicker application; is used to replace user action tap and increase performance countless times compared to manual tapping. At the user’s understanding, they can install an app, such as their speed, position, and configuration, which all make it automatic. Automatic clickers have many useful features and are very effective in point-and-shoot games, where they require the player’s tap to continue to generate revenue or cause damage. It also helps the user to complete many tasks where the user can easily turn on / off the auto clicker at any time. The good thing is that the app doesn’t use a lot of device functionality, or battery, and much of it so users can use the app anytime, anywhere, to get the most out of it.

How to use Auto Clicker App

“Touch” is an automatic click, and is designed with a high level of user care to use the app easily and efficiently. As a result, the app has an intuitive interface to help users have the experience of using their game or activity. Besides, thanks to an easy-to-use interface, it is easy for the user to map the Auto Clicker indicator, as well as their layout, size, and layout. The app interface also allows users to customize the app, such as changing colors, customizing, and doing many other things to make the app more flexible, customizable. Many new features will be updated in the future, and the interface will be upgraded to a new level, fully customizable, and easily accessible to users for the first time using the app.

“Touch” makes all typing tasks easier than ever because of its key features, and comes with many different options and distributions. Users are limited in the number of cursors they can place on the screen, and each cursor will come with a different layer of users to interact freely with. Yes, the user can open the app while the game or activity is running, with great accuracy on the map or easy layout of the cursor. Each cursor will have its own settings, such as the number of taps in a single operation, delay time, order, and tap mode. Each mode or option has its own features, which help the user to manage items, even making them completely automatic.

Tapping Auto Clicker Pro Mod APK

However, users need to pay attention to the key features, which are the configuration and visual effects of the game or activity. If the speed is taped too fast for too long, it can lead to a decrease in FPS and cause the device to stop working. The app is designed to trap the user’s finger and is perfectly fine, but games with high results will greatly affect the user’s device. As a result, users need to know how to use the system effectively and avoid damaging the device in the worst possible way.

Each game or activity has a different structure, so reusing arrow locations will be time-consuming and difficult. As a result, the app will introduce users to the AutoSave custom feature. “Touch” is a complete help tool that replaces the user to complete finger tasks, and also helps the user to apply settings for each game or a different task. After completing the cursor map, the user can save the settings, name them, and easily use multiple custom icons for each different game. With that feature, users will not need to spend a lot of time just weirdly editing the cursor.

Are you a fan of random-click games or ongoing finger work? After that “Tapping” will be the tool you want, as it is flexible, easy to use, and has an easy-to-use interface. It can also save many user settings for users, giving them a better and simpler feeling than ever before.

2019 best Auto Clicker Tapping
No Root can be used on any app
You can set any position to click or swipe at any time.
⚫Loop mode can be set
– Loop times
– Loop until the stop button is pressed
– Loop for time up
⚫Save and Load Setting
– Easy to start
⚫Can set anti-detection
– Can avoid clicking the same coordinates, do small distance random displacement, avoid game company detection
Require Accessibility service to work

If you use it, you will enjoy it!

What’s New:
The Best Auto Clicker – Tapping.
⚫New Function
Recording gestures
You can easily record your gestures
Press the [Record] button to start recording gestures!

[color=#FF0000]Package Info:
Languages: Full Multi-Language
Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi

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